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Pit Toilets

A pit toilet, also known as pit latrine or long drop, is a type of toilet that collects human waste in a hole in the ground.

Urine and feces enter the pit through a drop hole in the floor, which might be connected to a toilet seat or squatting pan for user comfort. Pit toilets can be built to function without water (dry toilet) or they can have a water seal (pour-flush pit latrine). When properly built and maintained, pit latrines can decrease the spread of disease by reducing the amount of human feces in the environment from open defecation.

A pit toilet generally consists of three major parts: a hole in the ground, a concrete slab or floor with a small hole, and a shelter. The shelter is also called an outhouse. 

Inorder to limit disease Pit Toilets need to be pumped on a regular basis.

Aardvark Waste Services can provide a full service cleaning of the collection pit by removing any trash left behind and pumping out the urine and fecal matter.

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