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Here at Aardvark Waste Services we want our customers to be informed and understand what it takes to have a working septic, grease trap, or sump waste water system. That is why we created this page. Here you will find videos we have produced and possibly others that we have found noteworthy from other sources.

Aardvark Waste serves all of Southwest Utah.

Septic check

In this video we take a look at and pump another septic tank. I’ll show you how we check the crust and sludge levels in the tank and then show you how the tank should look when your pumper is done pumping the tank.

How To Check Your Septic Tank

In this video I show you another septic tank and how to check it to decide if it needs to be pump. I also explain a few other things to look for.

How To Check The Sludge Level In Your Septic Tank With a Sock

In this video I show you how tho check the level of solids in your septic tank to determine if it’s time to pump your septic tank. I show you how to use a shovel to check the crust layer and how to use a sock to check the sludge layer.

Cleaning a Pit Toilet

The title says it all. Unfortunately, not everyone reads the signs in pit toilets. Not only does it make things hard for us cleaning them, it is rough on the environment.

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