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Aardvark Waste Services is the local waste water management service specializing in maintenance of septic, grease trap, and sump pumping services. Located in St George, Utah.

Aardvark Waste serves all of Southwest Utah. Give us a call!

Septic Tanks

Take care of your septic tank before it is too late. Aardvark Waste Services provides installations, repairs, inspections, locating, digging, and pumping.

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Grease Traps

Aardvark Waste Services will completely clean your grease trap, no sludge left behind.

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Let Aardvark Waste Services keep your sump flowing and operating smoothly.

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Pit Toilets

A pit toilet, also known as pit latrine or long drop, is a type of toilet that collects human waste in a hole in the ground.

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