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Let Aardvark Waste Services keep your sump flowing and operating smoothly.

Much like a grease trap, oil sumps are inline devices used to separate oils and other particulates from water flowing into the sewer system. These oils and particulates such as sand, trash, and dirt can clog and damage the city infrastructure causing problems for an entire neighbourhood. Common places that must use and maintain their sumps are mechanic's garages, car washes, gas stations and other locations that service vehicles where the possibility of water, oil, and dirt will mix.

Regular sump maintenance is important and requires environmental testing of pollutant levels before they can be pumped out and disposed. It takes more than a shop vac and requires regulated permits and licenses to dispose of the waste properly. Businesses found discarding sump refuse are liable for major fines so it is best to leave it to us.

PLEASE NOTE: The county the sump is located in is the same county where disposal must take place. Washington County and Iron County have different testing requirements that must be met and a copy of that test must accompany each load brought in for disposal. Contact Clark Testing Solutions for pricing of necessary tests at 435-512-4351.

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